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Moving Forward with NOT_MOVING?

January 6, 2018

Let me explain what’s going on. i stopped doing my NOT_MOVING broadcast due to lack of listeners. Every episode of the show took a lot of time to put together, and on my absolute best nights i was playing to two people besides myself, and that only happened twice. Most nights i was the only listener.

When i ended the broadcast, i wasn’t opposed to starting again in a different format. Because the old broadcast was … let’s call it “informal” … i felt had to keep the promotion of it low key, depending mostly on word of mouth. Any new version would have to be easier to promote. And i knew that things like the “pop up” schedule made it hard for listeners to get into the show.

My new idea was for a licensed 24/7 station, using auto DJ most of the time, but with regularly scheduled, hour long live broadcasts, complete with my voice on air. The 24/7 broadcast would make it easier to list the broadcast on stream directories and generally promote the show. Licensing would help that as well, and it would also make it easier for me to do things like accept submissions without the appearance of personal gain.

Recently, with the encouragement of a friend, i’ve been revisiting the idea. The biggest obstacle has always been the cost. Stream licensing is expensive, even at the lowest rate, and i would need to make enough money so that artists would get paid. That’s why i’ve been considering crowdfunding as an option.

In order to figure out whether this idea is worth pursuing, i decided to put a poll on Facebook. i’m using it not only to get feedback on specific aspects of my idea, but to get a sense if there is any interest. This reboot won’t be worth it if i have the same audience as before. So far twelve viewers have looked at the poll, but i only have two responses. That’s not enough.

So please, if you are a Facebook user reading this, click the link below and fill out the poll. If you aren’t interested in, for example, how i’d fund the project, don’t select any options. That’s data too.

POLL: Moving Forward with NOT_MOVING