Right Now: Gone Fishin'

Episode 3: “Bad Penny”

February 6, 2015

'Wolf bait' nose cone art

Broadcast February 5, 2015, 8 PM EST

In this broadcast:

  1. White Noise, “My Game of Loving”
    An Electric Storm
    Buy: Dusty Groove | Wayside Music
  2. Com Truise, “VHS Sex”
    Galactic Melt
    Buy: The Official Com Truise Online Store
  3. Jean-Michel Jarre, “Diva”
    Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
  4. Laurie Anderson, “Sweaters”
    Big Science
    Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

  5. Romeo Void, “White Sweater”
    It’s A Condition
    Out of print.

    Reissued as part of Romeo Void, It’s a Condition/Deborah Iyall, Strange Language
    Buy: Amazon
    The track is also found on several Romeo Void “best of” collections, including Warm In Your Coat.

  6. Amber Asylum, “Poppies”
    The Natural Philosophy of Love
    Out of print. [reissue forthcoming]
  7. Claudine Longet, “Until It’s Time For You to Go”
    Buy: Amazon
  8. Buffy Sainte-Marie, “Adam”
    Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
  9. Steve Hackett, “Icarus Ascending”
    Please Don’t Touch
    Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
  10. Richie Havens, “Morning, Morning”
    Mixed Bag
    Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
  11. The Fugs, “How Sweet I Roamed From Field to Field”
    The Fugs’ First Album
    Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
  12. David Axelrod, “The Human Abstract”
    Songs of Experience
    Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
  13. Current 93, “All The Stars Are Dead Now”
    Thunder Perfect Mind
    Buy: Bandcamp | Musical Obsessions
  14. Laibach, “F.I.A.T.”
    Opus Dei
    Out of print.
  15. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, “Enola Gay”
    Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
  16. The Church, “Fighter Pilot … Korean War”
    Of Skins and Heart
    Buy: Second Motion Records
  17. John Cale & Terry Riley, “Church of Anthrax”
    Church of Anthrax
    Buy: Cherry Red
  18. Don Cherry, “Terry’s Tune”
    Organic Music Society
    Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
  19. David Borden, James Ferraro, Samuel Godin, Laurel Halo & Daniel Lopatin, “Twilight Pacific”
    FRKWYS Volume 7
    Buy: Bandcamp
  20. Nektar, “King of Twilight”
    A Tab in the Ocean
    Buy: Cleopatra Records
  21. Be-Bop Deluxe, “Twilight Capers”
    Modern Music
    Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
  22. Rotary Connection, “Burning of the Midnight Lamp”
    Out of print.

    Reissued together with Hey Love
    Buy: Ace Records

  23. Beaver & Krause, “And There Was Morning”
    In a Wild Sanctuary
    Out of print.
  24. Popol Vuh, “Morgengruß”
    Einsjäger & Siebenjäger
    Buy: Amazon
    The SPV reissues are clearly out of print but still relatively easy to obtain in a way that supports the artists.

“B-25 Wolf Bait Nose Art” by Ed Uthman from Houston, TX, USA – B-25 “Wolf Bait” Nose Art. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons – (This image has been cropped.)