Right Now: Gone Fishin'

Episode 6: “Webb/Planes”

April 17, 2015

A map of an imaginary river

Broadcast Thursday, April 16, 2015, 9 PM EST

  1. Brian Eno, “Zawinul/Lava”
    Another Green World
    Buy: Amazon
  2. Jimmy Webb, “Met Her On a Plane”
    And So: On
    Buy: Amazon

    Part of The Original Album Series
    Buy: Collector’s Choice Music

  3. The Red Krayola, “The Ballad of Younis and Sofia”
    Amor and Language
    Buy: Drag City
  4. OOIOO, “mountain book”
    green & gold
    Buy: Thrill Jockey
  5. Cibo Matto, “Emerald Tuesday”
    Hotel Valentine
    Buy: Chimera Music
  6. akiko (feat. Swing Out Sister), “Waters of March”
    Hip Hop Bop
    Buy: akiko Official Website
  7. Francis Lai, “Un Homme et Une Femme (chant)”
    Un Homme et Une Femme OST
    Buy: Amazon
  8. Astrud Gilberto, “Brazilian Tapestry”
    Gilberto With Turrentine
    Buy: Amazon
  9. Os Mutantes, “Trem Fantasma”
    Os Mutantes
    Buy: Wayside Music
  10. ShufflePlay & the Mutations, “Erased But Not Replaced (demo)”
    Self released demo
  11. Matthew Dotson, “Ideal Industries”
    Unavailable (Other releases)
  12. Bob Ostertag & Otomo Yoshihide, “You’re Going Nowhere”
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  13. Metal Fingers, “Lemon Grass”
    Metal Fingers Presents: Special Recipes Vol. 3-4
    Buy: Nature Sounds
  14. The 5th Dimension, “Requiem 820 Lantham”
    The Magic Garden
    Buy: Barnes & Noble
  15. Rod McKuen, “Love Conquers All”
    Love Handle Lounge (Various)
    Out of print.
  16. Margo Guryan, “Love”
    Take a Picture
    Buy: Amoeba Records
  17. Claudine Longet, “Think of Rain”
    The Look of Love
    Buy: Barnes & Noble
  18. Brigitte Fontaine, “Comme à la Radio”
    Comme à la Radio
    Buy: Superior Viaduct | Wayside Music
  19. Material, “Memories”
    One Down
    Out of print.
  20. New York Gong, “Strong Woman”
    About Time
    Out of print.
  21. Soft Machine, “Slightly All the Time”
    Buy: Wayside Music
  22. Steve Miller, “One For Three”
    Steve Miller Trio Meets Elton Dean
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  23. National Health, “Binoculars”
    Of Queues and Cures
    Buy: Cherry Red
  24. Thelma Houston, “To Make It Easier on You”
    Buy: Barnes & Noble