Right Now: Gone Fishin'

Frequently (‽) Asked Questions

What is this?

NOT_MOVING was my own little online radio show. It was me playing music. Nothing more. No chit-chat about comics or politics. Just two hours of music from my personal collection.

Why are you doing this?

Because i love music and i love sharing music. This was something i'd wanted to do since i was twelve, to have radio show where i can play whatever i want on my own terms. It was a means of self expression for me, my way of being more than just Web developer pushing 40.

What type of music will I hear?

Anything that's in my collection. These days I'm mostly into experimental and avant-garde music, prog rock, psychedelic, and folk, but you also could have heard new wave and post-punk, soul and funk, avant-garde and free jazz, 60s pop, and your run of the mill alt/indie stuff. Really anything that's in my collection, which is all over the place.

When/where does this show air?

Due to how much of a time-suck it was to plan the playlists, there wasn't any sort of a regular schedule for the show. The best thing to do would have been to follow on Twitter, where show times were announced beforehand.

At show time you could have tuned in online with any stream capable media player. Read How to listen for more information.

Why Twitter?

My playlists were preplanned, and i didn't want to talk during the broadcast, but i didn't want it to seem like i just pushed a button and walked away. So i had the idea of live tweeting during the show. It seemed like the best alternative available to DJ chatter. i know there are chat clients that DJs use to talk to listeners, but that's not what this was about. It was just my way of staying connected during the show.

I missed a show. Do you have an archive where I can download it? / How do I download music from you?

No music is or will ever be available to download from this site. The only way to hear the music i play will be to tune in when i am on.

After i finish a show i will post that episode's playlist in my blog. If the recording is currently commercial available, you will find links from the blog to where you can purchase the recording.

Can I send you a request?

No, i did not take requests.

I make music! Can I send you something to play on your show?

i'd love to hear your music, but did not take submissions. i only played what was currently in my collection, and i was not doing this for the free music.