Right Now: Gone Fishin'

How to listen.

First, follow NOT_MOVING on Twitter.

Or, subscribe to the mailing list.

Days and times for the broadcast will be tweeted well ahead of time and repeated up until the time of the broadcast. The mailing list will receive a single annoucement at least as long before the show. When it's time for the show, you can tune it with one of the links below.

When the show is happening the best way to tune in is to use your system's media player. That way you can keep browsing the web while you listen. (Hint: You probably want the first link below.)

WinAmp, iTunes, most media players: Winamp, iTunes
Windows Media Player: Windows Media Player
Real Audio:Real Player
Quick Time:QuickTime
Web proxy:Web Proxy

In a pinch you can use the embedded player below. You'll need to keep this page open.